CYPHER_WATCH is a brutalist wearable device built to manifest NFTs in the physical world.

Virtual art on the blockchain has transformed the concepts of value and ownership. What was once rigid and materialistic is now fungible and ethereal. CYPHER_WATCH is a Rolex for the cyberpunk future we are living in. Your piece of art will glow on its screen – as long as you provably own it. The device is only a vessel, dutifully obeying the consensus and cryptographic rules of the public ledger.

One cannot buy CYPHER_WATCH directly, but it can be obtained. In partnership with eBoy, the Godfathers of Pixel, Inevitable Futures has created a limited series of NFTs. They are unique pixelated gems carefully designed to represent digital treasure. Buy one of them and we will send you the watch to go with it.

The gems and watches will be released gradually in individual drops, starting with serial #0001. To keep up with the latest announcements, follow Inevitable Futures on social media.


By scanning a series of QR codes with your phone, you can connect CYPHER_WATCH to Wifi and pair your Ethereum wallet via MetaMask. You can always change these settings later.

NFTs and any software updates, if available, will be downloaded automatically on startup.


Your artwork’s ownership is securely stored on the Ethereum blockchain. CYPHER_WATCH will only show you art that you own, as proven by the connected wallet.

Should CYPHER_WATCH be lost or stolen, your invaluable piece of art remains unfazed and you may simply associate it with a new device.


Each serial number of this introductory limited edition of CYPHER_WATCH is associated with a particular artwork by eBoy.

We partnered with them to create a special series of animated NFTs, all pixelated gems that sparkle in the ether.


In the near future, we plan to launch new artist collaborations together with further batches of matching devices.

Your CYPHER_WATCH will continue to evolve with new updates and experiments.


The CYPHER_WATCH platform supports NFTs according to the ERC-721 standard. Their ownership is managed completely on the Ethereum blockchain. We currently use the MetaMask and the OpenSea APIs to interface between our servers and the blockchain. The CYPHER_WATCH hardware is a modified DSTIKE ESP32 Watch DevKit hand-made in China, with a custom client and server software stack made in the US.

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